Stephen Ruttle QC

Stephen is married to Fiona, a painter. They have four children (two boys and two girls) and live in Wandsworth. Stephen has been in practice at Brick Court Chambers since 1978. For the last 10 years he has worked full time as a Commercial Mediator and now mediates business and legal disputes of every legal type.

By January 2012 he had mediated over 700 commercial disputes with sums involved, in individual cases, ranging from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of millions and, in some cases, billions. He practices mainly in London but mediates regularly in other parts of the British Isles and abroad.

For the last 10 years Stephen has consistently featured in Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and such like directories as one of the leading (top 10 or so) commercial mediators practising in the United Kingdom. His full CV is available on the Brick Court Chambers website.

Since about 2000 Stephen has also been heavily involved in the community mediation world. He was on the Board of Mediation UK and until about 2004 was its Vice-Chair. He is the founding Director, and Chair of Trustees, of Wandsworth Mediation Service (“WMS”) , a registered charity that provides community mediation services in London Borough of Wandsworth, training local people as mediators and developing initiatives to promote peace in the community.

WMS operates out of St. Marks, Battersea Rise, the church best online casino slots that Stephen and his family has attended for most of the last 25 years. Stephen mediates an increasing number of disputes within the broader Church, some of which involve congregational issues, and some of which are more inter-personal.

Stephen is a member of a number of working parties and groups, the object of which is to promote mediation more widely both within communities and within and between faith groups. He is passionate about mediation and its increasing importance in our society.

Stephen regularly mediates on a pro bono basis and is always prepared to discuss an appropriate basis for the charging of fees.

March 2012.