Roger Levitt

Solicitor and commercial mediator - Roger is passionate that mediation provides a fresh approach. His experience, conducting 27 mediations, is that 80% of cases have a successful outcome.

Areas of experience in mediation

Business and Commerce, Contract, Partnership, Finance, Commercial and Residential Property, Landlord and Tenant, Construction, Disputes with a religious context, Insurance, Boundaries and Neighbours, Retail and Restaurant, Healthcare, Franchising, Sale and delivery of goods.

Background - Roger is an experienced, entrepreneurial solicitor and an Accredited Business Mediator. For 27 years, Roger has navigated clients through the legal highways of commercial and residential property issues. As a non contentious solicitor and as a partner in City and West End law firms, Roger, a former marathon runner, has learned that in the long run, mediation is a more constructive way of resolving disputes and preserving relationships.  

Professional - Roger is a practising commercial solicitor with Cubism Law. He is a member of The Civil Mediation Council Communications Committee, The Academy of Experts, (where he has just been elected to the Council) Clerksroom, Talk Mediation, the Standing Committee of Mediation Advocates, The Law Society and is an Affiliate of The British Franchise Association.

Personal - Roger is married, with a daughter & 2 sons (20, 18 & 18 – yes twins). When he is not mediating disputes between them he enjoys playing football, cycling, golf, running (after his children), driving (his children), walking (away from arguments with his children) theatre (non domestic drama), travel (with or without children), good food (not cooked by children).

A keen traveller, Roger speaks conversational French and Spanish.

Roger says:

“While the need for comprehensive legal knowledge and experience is undisputed, successful mediation is ultimately all about understanding how to deal with people.

“You need to analyse the facts that could point to a litigation outcome, and  also understand and manage the expectations of the participants, in order to find the more cost-effective, commercial and sensible solutions that mediation can bring.

“I put considerable effort into preparing for my mediation work, ensuring that not only do I completely understand the ins and outs of each case, but I also contact all parties in advance, in order to set them on the right track to think about possible solutions with a more open mind. I aim to encourage participants to look beyond grievances and start considering options that would enable them to move on to a successful resolution.

“My role is to remain impartial, calm and detached, while also being approachable and easygoing, in order to build trust and create the right atmosphere for negotiation. I believe I am a proactive team player, able to build rapport between disengaged parties and get them to focus on what they have in common, rather than their differences”.