Paul Randolph

Paul Randolph is a highly experienced mediator, trainer, lecturer and author. After 35 years at the Bar as a litigator, Paul became a full time mediator in about 2007. He now has considerable experience in mediating in a very wide variety of disputes, from Commercial and Contractual cases to Family, Employment and Workplace disputes.

He is Course Leader on a Mediation Course at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (SPCP), Regent’s College, London.  Paul, together with the late Dr Freddie Strasser, an eminent psychotherapist, conceived and designed this Mediation Course in 1998. He created and wrote the training materials, and since 1999 he has been the Course Leader and Lecturer on the course. He has now trained over 1000 mediators, in the UK, the Channel Islands, Latvia, Croatia, Romania, Albania and Jordan. 

Paul has developed a specialist expertise in the psychology of conflict. He has given presentations on the psychology of Conflict Management, Conflict Avoidance and Conflict Resolution at conferences in the UK, China, India, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Romania, Albania and Jordan, to commercial, legal and government organisations.

The unique ‘psychotherapeutic’ model of mediation taught on his courses has achieved wide acclaim, and has also furnished him with an added insight into the psychology of conflict. This additional experience of training and supervising mediators, combined with the communication skills gained as a barrister, enable him to be particularly effective in conflict resolution, as well as in conflict management. 

Paul is currently Adviser to the Trustees of the Slynn Foundation, and continues to work extensively in Central and Eastern Europe, lecturing, promoting, and raising awareness in mediation, as well as training lawyers, Judges and other professionals to become mediators. He has also worked in China, Mauritius, India and Jordan, lecturing on and promoting mediation. He is currently assisting the Bengal Chamber of Commerce in developing a full mediation service, and similar work is planned in Mumbai and Cochin.

Professional Memberships:

Bar Council ADR Committee

Civil Mediation Council (CMC)

Professional Standards Committee of College of Mediators

Central London Civil Justice Centre Mediation Committee

National Mediation Providers Association

The Slynn Foundation

European Mediation Network Initiative (EMNI)

International Mediation Institute (IMI)

International Bar Association (IBA)