Making a difference

Our Vision


BIMA's long-term vision is to become the leading interfaith dispute resolution service. To this end, our mission is to:

  • Increase awareness of mediation and arbitration services as a cheaper, more efficient, and less stressful alternative to the court system.

  • Reinforce the positive influence that empathy and communication has on the resolution of conflicts and the accommodation of religious beliefs.

  • Ensure the public has easy and fair access to mediation and arbitration services, as well as other ADR processes.

  • Create a community of mediators and arbitrators, where knowledge can be shared and best practices can be established.

  • Gain support for the use of mediation and arbitration from leaders of different faiths.

  • Encourage dialogue across ethnic and religious groups, and to build understanding and prevent or minimise future conflict incidents.


Dr. Zaza Elsheikh
Founder and President

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