Gerda Goldinger

Gerda is qualified as a solicitor in England and Scotland. She has built up a formidable portfolio of medico-legal work through Taylor Joynson Garrett (acting for Guys Hospital) as well as working in Bromley and Ealing NHS Trust’s legal and clinical risk management departments.

She has also worked in private practice for many years dealing with high profile claims on behalf of individuals; most notably the Deep Vein Thrombosis Group Litigation and the Buncefield Disaster Group Litigation.

Gerda’s experience of group litigation, in particular, reinforced her belief that mediation is an unrivalled tool in the field of conflict resolution and she decided to train as a mediator. She achieved accreditation from Clerksroom in 2007. Gerda’s immense medico-legal experience gained through acting for NHS clients as well as complainants greatly informs her practice as a mediator.

Gerda presently heads the Legal Department of the Association of Optometrists. She has a deep understanding of the various forces at play which unwittingly drive individuals and institutions to the battlefield of litigation and is therefore especially adapt at assisting parties resolve conflict whilst avoiding the time and monetary costs of litigation.