What services can we offer?

  • Training and Consulting (Within and outside the United Kingdom)

  • Conflict resolution (Faith and non-faith based disputes within and outside the UK)

  • We can also collaborate with you to stage high-impact and unique events

Who do we offer these services to?

  • Governments and policymakers

  • Public institutions or bodies

  • Faith institutions

  • Charities, associations or groups

  • Private individuals and organisations

  • We also stage our own in-house training courses focused on dispute resolution
    where faith and culture bring added dimensions

Our Expertise

BIMA Full Members are highly experienced in Mediation, Arbitration and/or Facilitated Dialogue both in the UK and abroad. They are familiar with many issues that emerge as a result of multi-faith disputes and most speak multiple languages and are able to take into account a host of cultural factors.

If you are currently in a dispute that may be influenced by religious or cultural beliefs, do speak to us. We will help you to find the most suitable way to resolve the conflict and, where possible, arrange a meeting with a suitably qualified professional.

Our Fees

Fees are negotiable upon referral. The cost of a case may be waived in part or in full subject to the monetary value of the dispute and the financial means of the respective parties. We will provide you with an estimate of cost prior to formal instruction. BIMA is not currently registered for VAT purposes. Please contact us for further guidance.

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What types of cases can be mediated?

Most civil (commercial) and community / family disputes can be mediated unless one of the parties insists upon a legal right being enforced through the courts. A dispute that involves criminal proceedings may not be suitable for mediation but this can be confirmed upon instruction.

Examples of multi-faith or faith-based disputes that have been mediated:

  • Property
    Former church with planning applications for redevelopment as a mosque, with other application for conversion into hostel accommodation. Both had objections from local community bodies.

  • Employment
    Afro-Caribbean minister in dispute with national church over limitation of powers, ownership and use of buildings.

  • Trusts
    Dispute between Trustees and members of Management Committee of London mosque over powers and policy of each group.

  • Family business
    Dispute between brothers over ownership and division of family property.

  • Church
    Dispute within congregation over the merging of two different denominations. Primarily about disharmony in worship and governance but also over the use of buildings and other assets.