Brendan Salter

Brendan’s successful business career has spanned all levels of management; from senior roles in large corporations to small businesses in London and the South West.  He is passionate about the mediation process and its increasing use in resolving conflict and dispute.

The son of a Church of England Cleric and a practising Christian, openness and a sense of fair play underpins Brendan’s mediation style.  He recognises that psychological issues such as fear of failure and loss of self-esteem in today’s competitive world can become a significant element in the issues under dispute.  Brendan is adept at building trust and encouraging the parties to seek a fair outcome in a spirit of grace and reconciliation, allowing us to embrace the future.

He brings astute commercial acumen, strategic thinking, diplomacy, well-honed interpersonal skills and a non-judgemental manner to his work as a professional mediator. Brendan engenders confidence, balances formality with a relaxed atmosphere, and is methodical, calm and consistent.

Brendan has a Masters in Business Administration, is an Accredited Mediator and on the faculty of the London School of Mediation.  He holds an Individual registration on the Civil Mediation Council (‘CMC’) and is also on the panel of Law works, a trustee of a local community mediation charity and a governor of a secondary leading edge Academy.

Aside from being a leading business mediator in the South-West Brendan is father to two young adults and believes fervently that conflict resolution is more pertinent than ever in today’s society and the lives of the up-and-coming generation.