Come and join us

If you admire what we do and our mission, and you believe that you help us achieve this and more, BIMA cordially welcomes you to become a member.

Student, Associate and Full Members commit to actively uphold and promote BIMA’s aims and principles and to support its events wherever possible.

BIMA commits to keeping members informed of events and developments, to hold events that promote dialogue and understanding and to offer services of reconciliation and resolution.

How your membership fee supports our work

Funds raised through membership fees help to ensure that our faith-centric and thought-provoking quarterly events remain easily accessible to a wide range of participants by reducing the entry fees to our events. Entry fees to our ticketed events range from between £10 and £25.00.

To discuss membership and its benefits, please contact us.


Student Membership

Only £10

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This is for current students interested in our mission and vision, particularly alternative dispute resolution, community cohesion and peacebuilding. The intention behind this category is to widen our reach to the next generation of peacemakers.

Associate Membership

Only £20

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This is for those who are not able to support BIMA financially (other than through a nominal membership fee) but who sign up to its aims and principles.

Full Member


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This is for those who are prepared to support BIMA financially through the initial sign up fee and the reduced annual membership fee and who sign up to its aims and principles.