Faithful Dispute Resolution Course

Promoting Greater Cultural and Religious Awareness within Mediation

Course delivered by Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheikh with guest contributions from Sh Fahimul Anam, Stephen Ruttle QC, Qasim Nawaz, Vivien Runacres, Stephen Hall, David Richbell, DS John Arnold, Dr John Allison, Clive Freedman QC and Rahim Shamji.

Monday 13th -- Friday 17th March 2017 (with CMC Certification): cost = £540.00
Monday 13th -- Thursday 16th March 2017 (with CMC Certification): cost = £440.00

Venue: Gilwell Park Chingford London, E4 7QW*

*108 acres of woodland on the edge of Epping Forest, less than 20 minutes from London Liverpool Street.


ZazaHaving qualified as a medical doctor (University College London, 1994) and solicitor (Hempsons, 2004), Zaza’s innate interest in human interaction attracted her to mediation. She trained as  a Civil/Commercial (CEDR), Workplace and Family Mediator, and International Commercial Arbitrator (CIArb).

Zaza regularly settles various commercial and probate disputes, and instructed to conduct independent investigations within private and public sector organisations under her private practice, Commercial and Medical Dispute Solutions LLP (CMDS LLP).

Training and MentoringOver the years, Zaza has trained many adults and young people in Conflict Resolution/Prevention and Mediation skills. She also provides “Management of Change” training to managers and their teams in organisations undergoing restructuring or significant change. Under Converge, a family and schools charity founded in 2009, she teaches and mentors children with Special Educational Needs to handle conflicts with their peers, siblings and parents, more constructively. She also serves as a mentor to other young people.

Speaking Engagements: Zaza is often invited to speak at public forums, particularly where the following subject matters are discussed: general issues or topical matters in the world of mediation; alternative dispute resolution and Islam; family relationships and cultural matters within the Muslim community; Inter-generational tensions and conflict within schools; commercial and healthcare mediation; equality and gender issues.

She has also delivered lectures at universities including Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge; School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; and University College London.

Diverse Background: Zaza has a mixed cultural (Afro-Arab/Caribbean) background with (Baptist-Muslim) parentage. This heritage has provided her with first-hand personal experience of the tensions that can arise between people of different backgrounds and enabled her to effortlessly build rapport with and between diverse groups. She is fluent in English and several dialects of Arabic.

Interests and Personal Life: Zaza is a partner at CMDS LLP and a co-founder of BIMA and Converge. She supports the growth of alternative dispute resolution services for faith communities and the less privileged in society. In the past, she was on the Management Committee of the Muslim Mediation Service in Newham 2008-2010, and as a Service Lead Mediator and Trainer at Bromley Community Mediation Service, serving Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich Boroughs. Zaza is married with three children and lives in Bexleyheath, Kent.

Thought for the day


I crept around the truth, passed by reality and met with the unknown.

The truth stayed and stayed still meta-morphing 17 times.

Every person, every soul with every breath exhaling a different truth, breathing confusion.

Each second of thought transformed.

Nothing identical.

The truth, like the sun stationary and bright, but still hidden by darkness.

The orbit of the planets and tribes, diluting the truth giving birth to reality leaving only the unknown.

Do not dispel the fear of the unknown instead embrace its thorny nature.

Ease out the entangled bush of emotions and let the soul rest.

Float far above the complexities of conflict.

Involuntary detachment from distasteful destruction.

Tightrope along the thread of reality towards the goal of the unknown.

Sewing seeds of hope and encouragement along the way.

Nurturing a trinity of love, hope and understanding.

The pendulum freezes, at last at peace.


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